Creatability. Using creative arts to enhance the lives of people suffering from disabilities.

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Steven PearceSteven Pearce, Up the Arsenal! Gooners!

I went into hospital with a kidney infection in November 2000. I woke up in February with a liver transplant; I had spent the last few months in a coma. I was in hospital for a whole year.

When I woke up I had no memories, I couldn’t walk, talk or feed myself and I was like a 26 year old new born baby. Nine years on I have passed two reading tests, catching up with my maths and doing part-time work and volunteer work.

I also volunteer with Creatability and help out in the art room. All I have wanted to do is work, but I know I will never be able to go back onto the building sites, so I try to keep myself active and do as many things as possible.

I really enjoy doing the pottery and doing silk painting at Creatability and love helping other people.