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Nicky WatsonNicky Watson

I don’t know where to begin.

When I was 36 I had a stroke two hours after giving birth in Margate Hospital. I was put in intensive care, where I was in a coma for a long time. I had a tracheostomy. My husband was left holding the baby he thought what do I do now. I had a life saving operation in Kings in London and was then transferred to Bucklands Hospital in Dover.

I stayed there for nine months learning how to speak and walk again, having speech therapy and physiotherapy. I had to learn how to eat again and was fed with pureed food that was revolting. I had a peg in my stomach, a fixed syringe that stayed there for months. It needed an operation to put it in and take it away. It was to give my medication to me. My eyes wouldn’t work as a pair. I saw four of everything. I had to wear glasses with a patch, then I had glasses with prisms in the lens, they helped focus the sight and block out the double vision. I still need to wear my glasses with the prism lens four years on, as the sight is still the same. I can now walk with a delta walking frame but not unaided as I fall over. I fall like a tree with a bang. For long distances I use my wheel chair, as I get out of breath quickly. I can now wash up and do the washing but I have to have a perching stool to sit on.

My husband Mark stayed by my side at all time and my sister in-law looked after our son Luke, so Mark could concentrate on getting me better. Mark said it was really hard hearing me not talk. I had to write everything down. I felt terrible not being able to talk. It also felt horrible not being able to be a mother to my son over the nine months.

Mark has been wonderful and I feel so lucky to have him by my side.