Creatability. Using creative arts to enhance the lives of people suffering from disabilities.

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I was at the QEF for 18 months until it closed. Since then I have been going to Creatability and Chipstead. I love my jewellery a lot I get satisfaction because I look at it and think I made that. No one else has got what I have made, it makes me feel more confidence as I didn’t realize I was that creative, people have said to me they can’t believe I have been able to make that with my disabilities and it makes me very proud.

I have Spondylitis which is a condition in the spine, every six months I have to get 20 injections into my spine to control the pain. I have a Boarderline Personality Disorder trait; this can make me self harm and has given me eating disorders. Since I have been attending different services in the community my mind has been taken away from my disabilities and I manage to cope a little better with life. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and ME. The arthritis gives me limited joint movements and the ME makes me very tired and weak. Some days I have slept 18 hours due to the fatigue. But life doesn’t get me down; I just plod on regardless and get on with life as I feel I am a survivor.

Silver Pendants with Ruby & Blue Topaz

Silver Pendants with Ruby & Blue Topaz