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I hate pain because it hurts. It hurts my nerves. My nerve endings shoot pain up my legs. Some peoples hands lock; mine undo. If I’m drinking tea they unlock and hot tea goes everywhere. I can still do the washing-up because I lay it on the surface and then I can’t drop it. Other than that I smash everything. Gravity makes sure of that. The shooting pains in my legs hurt a lot and the water retention swells my legs up and my socks cut into my legs. It is these problems that people can’t see that cause the real pain. You can’t see a lot of stuff disabled people have wrong with them. People look at you and think he’s alright. I can hold a cup of tea and people can’t see that I do drop things until I do. But I don’t let it worry me or I would never have another cup of tea.

I presume the doctors know what they are talking about and just take the pills they give me. They give me pills for water retention, dizzy spells and passing out. Most of the pills keep me awake. I feel like Elvis; tablets to keep me awake, then tablets to put me asleep. If I didn’t take the tablets I would be asleep right now. The pills seem to work for most things but they don’t stop the pain!

I take nine different pills. It makes me feel scared taking so many pills as I might over-dose by accident. That’s the dodgy part. Norman said ‘how do they all know what they are supposed to do,’ I don’t know why that’s funny.

I’m allergic to surgical tape and plasters. If I put one on a cut I get a red rash. That’s great isn’t it?

I have to be careful about how I’m doing things. Most jar lids I can’t undo anyway.