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I was born in 1951 in Italy. I was 16 when my parents arranged my marriage to Donardo. It seemed to be the right thing to do.

We lived well together for a while but then it was important to travel to England to secure work. Then followed a time when we found a house. My life seemed to be completed when my son was born.

Unfortunately the marriage failed and eventually divorce followed. My son Guiseppe stayed with my husband.

What a difficult and desperately depressing time – I suffered greatly from a sense of immense loss. I felt that the love of my life had been taken away from me.

In 1989 I eventually found an evening job at West Hill Hospital and that is where I met Ernie, a wonderful bloke who offered me the shelter and protection of his family. We married at Gravesend registry office. Our family is completed by our little dog called Penny.

In 1999 I began to suffer from Lupus, a condition that means I get tired and very weak. At first I could manage the condition, but there was increasing back pain and one night a crisis situation meant that I lost consciousness and went to Kings College Hospital. Much treatment and a lot of time in different hospitals followed. My difficulties continued and I am disabled from the waist down.

In 2003 I found the QEF centre at Dartford and what a difference it made to my life. The people were fantastic and there were so many activities on offer. Now the centre has closed and Riverside opened its doors last year for the service users from QEF and for me. This is a new place where I continue to make jewellery and pottery alongside my friends and with our tutors Edward and Carol.

Anna`s Water Colour

Anna`s Water Colour

Anna`s Water Colour Boats

Anna`s Water Colour Boats