Creatability. Using creative arts to enhance the lives of people suffering from disabilities.

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Creatability is a user led organization specifically established to enhance skills and opportunities for people with disabilities in Kent.

Overall Aim

To improve the quality of life for people by developing new skills through creative art experiences, enabling them to take a fuller and more enriching role in their local communities.

Specific Aims

  • To enhance the lives of people suffering from disabilities through creative arts.
  • To enhance skills in the use of materials.
  • To develop increased confidence and self-esteem.
  • To work within the community to raise awareness of our service users and their disabilities.
  • To reduce isolation of service users.


  • Provide safe, stimulating, workshops to explore different materials in creative ways.
  • Service users work will be displayed and sold through craft fairs and exhibitions; all profits made are put back into the enterprise.
  • Organize and distribute information about the work of service users and general disability awareness.